Parents Nook
a parent care space

What we do?

Parents' Nook is an on-demand parent care solution. We cater to immediate needs of parents to socialize, rest, or work on site while providing a supervised open-ended natural materials playspace for the child in parallel. The paid supervisors are called "play facilitators", keeping the play safe and engaging without leading or micro-managing. We encourage parents to be play experts also, if their needs that day are more for group play and income. In this effort, we try to make already existent setup/infrastructure more easy to use. Our mission “Giving parents some much needed ME time while the kids make play happen in every Nook”

How you can participate?

Parents can participate in Nooks in two ways

  • By hosting a Nook at a space of their choice.
  • By attending a Nook.

Moreover parents can get involved in Nooks various other ways

  • Being a play facilitator.
  • Being the community Nook advisor
  • By sharing their unused spaces to host a Nook. It can be a public/private propert

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What is a Nook?

Parents’ Nook is an ondemand parent care space. It is a small space designed on demand for parents and kids to give parents the much needed ME time.

Is it a drop off child care?

No we are not a drop off childcare. Its designed in such a way that even if the parents are onsite, their tasks gets accomplished.


Nook is the brainchild of two mamas Tanaya Vikrant and Samantha Infeld.

Tanaya came from Banglore with her then 14 month old daughter 4 years ago and was surprised to find that even a cup of coffee becomes a struggle with baby and no help. She coud not afford a babysitter at that time. Samantha is an engineer by profession and mom to two young boys. Many times she tried going to a play space to keep the boys engaged while she finishes some work tasks. The spaces she found in the Bay area either lacked supervision, natural and openended toys, outdoor play space or at least windows, or they had tempting sugar-added snacks to buy at child level

They were joined by Christina Assirati, our Play Director. She was our silent supporter from the beginning. She thinks we are missing the values of a sustainable community where new parents feel supported in their own way.

In their journey of building this up, they were/are supported by numerous other mamas and papas. Few names to mention here, Jen, Tonya, Vanessa, Elizabeth, Supriya, Brooke, Heidi, Mutsilu, Meeta, Gayathri, Sumaiya, and Milly, They have been reviewing and constantly questioning us with our next steps. We are thankful that we met them on our journey of life.

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